In Defense Of… The Most Annoying People At The Mall During The Holidays

Shopping Mall in Dubai

I just read Andrea Grimes’ “The Top 10 Most Annoying People at the Mall During the Holidays” and I’m not too impressed. I can see hints of humor, but otherwise the article falls flat and is otherwise filled with gripes about a time when many people are just trying to enjoy themselves during a brief reprieve from the monotony of life.

Plus, I don’t agree with a few of her points:

10. The retail employee who cheerfully wants to know, as you’re being rung up, if you have all your Christmas shopping done now?

As commented on the article, “In defense of #10, it’s an obvious icebreaker that produces some bit of conversation that would probably otherwise be silence. Plus, they’re just trying to be friendly…”

9. The retail employee at the phone kiosk who wants you to change your wireless plan.

In this economy, a job’s a job, and that retail employee is just doing theirs.

7. Teenagers

So what else is new?

6. Unescorted men in Victoria’s Secret

Guilty as charged. One day, my life with emulate Al Bundy’s (“Her Cups Runneth Over” in Married With Children).

3. Perfume-spraying salespeople

See my reply to Number 9.

I do, however, agree with Number 1 (“People doing anything–anything–besides checking out when they’re being checked out“), unless they’ve waited patiently in line to return something in a store that didn’t offer a separate returns line.


[photo via Travel-in Dubai]

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