Why Can’t I Find Mohammad Khatami’s “Letter For The Future”?

Iran Protests

Neither Yahoo! nor Google can get me a reliable or existing link to former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami‘s “Letter For The Future”. And no, not even Bing can help me.

In the wake of the millions demonstrating and protesting in Iran over the apparent recently rigged presidential election between incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and candidate (and supposed victor) Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Khatami’s “Letter For The Future” seems to be even more relevant to help grapple with what’s happening in Iran right now.

People are upset. People are hurting. People are dying. It’s hard for the rest to do seemingly nothing and just watch, but the Iranians must be able to see this through without much, if any, international assistance. This is their country, and they are trying to fight for their country’s future.

*** Update ***

Here’s a page of amazing photos of what’s happening in Iran right now. Here’s a link of other amazing photos that possibly shows what is at stake for Iran (circa 1970s and pre-Islamic Revolution).

[photo via The Huffington Post]

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