Super Hunk: Chris Pine

Chris Pine

Chris Pine - Star Trek

Chris Pine (aka James T. Kirk) is a hunk, and I’m sorry to say is much better looking than a young William Shatner.

I first caught Pine in the little screen Bottle Shock with a very skinny Rachael Taylor. The movie was amusing, and Pine definitely showed his easygoing side.

By the way, Star Trek rocks…

[photos via Screen Rant | Olivia Munn]

3 Replies to “Super Hunk: Chris Pine”

  1. OMG!
    he’s really HOT

    and star trek, is awesome!
    I went 2 see the movie, just 2 see Chris, and it turns out that I actually loved the movie!

  2. Hi Chris my name is freddie miller and I am a down syndrome person I know that you are so busy.I would like to meet you in person and be able to talk to you can you please give me a chance,thanks freddie miller.

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