Blender Is Online Only

As of 26 March 2009, Blender is going online only with its magazine. The April 2009 issue with Kelly Clarkson on the cover will be the last print issue.

Blender - Kelly Clarson April 2009The Business Insider says this move was bound to happen. Only, it wonders how Spin is still around.

I have two subscriptions to both magazines. I have never paid a cent for either or any of the subscriptions, and I guess I know why I didn’t.

This sucks. I used to have subscriptions to Stuff and a bunch of other magazines which folded and converted into other magazines, for which somewhat explains why I have had a Blender subscription until 2012 for years.

The subscription will be converted to Maxim. I guess I should have some solace in that, except that now I have to rely on Spin for my monthly music print magazine.

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