Fabchannel Is No More


In just a few hours, Fabchannel will be no more.

From CEO Justin Kniest:

After nine passionate and beautiful years of sharing the most amazing concert recordings with you, Fabchannel is stopping. A great number of record labels still won’t allow us to record their artists. This prevents us from offering what we need to keep Fabchannel alive.

We want to sincerely thank you for all support through the years! It has been an amazing time, but unfortunately this is where it ends.

With a bleeding heart we’re pulling the plug of our online archive Friday 13th of March. Until that time, enjoy your favorite concerts and who knows? we’ll meet again.

I’ve spent the better part of the last week streaming and watching as many concerts as I could, from The Pipettes to MGMT. It’s impossible. Hard to say, I’ve also tried to rip some. I’ve also tried searching for rips to no avail. I downloaded whatever concert footage vodcasts Fabchannel released on iTunes.

I hope Fabchannel comes back. I hope their concert footage finds its way somehow to me again…

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