If I Was At Noise Pop ’09

Noise Pop 09

Since 1993, Noise Pop has been San Francisco’s premiere music and arts festival. I went last year, and it was all right. I’ll admit I didn’t put much effort into it, but traveling down from Sacramento every night wasn’t very convenient for the six-day festival.

If I did go again this year (which starts tonight), my schedule would probably have been as follows.

Tuesday, February 24

Nob Hill Masonic Center; 8:00 PM

Antony And The Johnsons
Billy Basinski

Wednesday, February 25

The Independent; 8:00 PM

French Kicks
Broken West
Here Here
The Don’ts


Slim’s; 8:00 PM

Matt Costa
An Horse
Robert Francis
Two Sheds

Thursday, February 26

Slim’s; 8:00 PM

Martha Wainwright
AA Bondy
Ryan Auffenberg
Karina Denike


Swedish American Music Hall; 7:30 PM

Thao Nguyen
David Dondero
Sean Smith
Colossal Yes

Friday, February 27

Great American Music Hall; 8:00 PM

St. Vincent
That Ghost


Slim’s; 8:00 PM

The Morning Benders
The Submarines
The Mumlers

Saturday, February 28

Bottom Of The Hill; 9:00 PM

The Dead Trees
Jake Mann

Sunday, March 1

Mezzanine; 8:00 PM

Les Savy Fav
The Mae Shi
The Drums

This year’s lineup doesn’t seem as grand as I remember last year’s being.

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