Finally Auto-Corrects Metadata‘s long-awaited project to clean up its metadata has reached its goal of automatic correction.

All of that audio fingerprinting has done some good now that the online service can identify misnamed songs and artists and change them automatically.

One area this helps out are songs from blogs or podcasts where the song names usually are the artist and song title. This is really annoying, but thankfully has fixed it.

Radio station KEXP 90.3 showcases good indie music and their “Song Of The Day” is one of the few podcasts that I subscribe to (twice actually — home and work).

Here is a screenshot of my recently listened to tracks.

There is now a green asterisk that indicates an auto-corrected track.

Too bad iTunes doesn’t have this. I wish it did, otherwise I wouldn’t feel compelled to use Songbird with its integrated scrobbling and FLAC support. I do probably plan to use the open-source music program full-time when its feature list includes auto-fetching correct metadata via “Metadata Management” and auto-fetching album covers via “Album Artwork.”

Apple, take a hint!

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