Is No More

FreeTVDown, one of the more better websites for Rapidshare links for television episodes, is now no more.

According to Mia’s last titled post “Goodbye“:

Unfortunately it is time for us to close the doors on FreeTVDown after nearly 2 years of uploading neither of us can afford the time to continue anymore. As some of you may have noticed admin has been AWOL for quite some time and i can no longer maintain the site on my own. It is far too demanding on my time. It was a hard decision to come to and i have been trying to keep it going for as long as possible but i’m afraid I just can’t anymore. It has been a brilliant 2 years and we would like to thank all of you loyal fans for sticking with us. Don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging mid season with nothing if you head on over to and join up you will find download links to all the shows we covered plus more. Again thanks for sticking by us and i guess all that is left to say is adios!!!

FreeTVDown was one of the rare sites that didn’t have annoying pop-up ads that bothered the crap out of you. Maybe it did, but at least they weren’t harsh enough to get passed my pop-up blockers.

Mia is now directing us toward Warez-BB. It’s a forum, so there probably won’t be spyware…

I hope…

11 Replies to “ Is No More”

  1. ok now im upset i loved this site…they ppl rocked and were always fast with replys…its so sad to see them go…whaaaa…come back…this realy does suck…but ty for the great job you did while u did it.

  2. What a waste man. It was an amazing site. Always there when you need it. Hope you can build it up again. And goodluck and thanks

  3. I suspect that “can’t afford the time” explanation is white lie. The industry has gone after all “open” sites with a vengeance (remember tvlinks) so this smells of hostile shut-down. Many, many ppl could have stepped in at a moments notice to keep the site going.

    Sad, the site was well designed and content-is-king focused, a rare combination these days.

  4. Assholes.. U are just using over the goodwill achieve by which is my site..i decided to close down because i got married and i don’t have time for this anymore

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