Greg “Mad Dog” Maddux Retires After 355 Wins

Perhaps the greatest pitcher of his generation, Greg Maddux retires after winning 355 games through over 5,000 innings.

There will be tons of stories about the starter, so I will leave you with the best one about him I’ve read recently.

From ESPN favorite Gene Wojciechowski’s “Everything Maddux Wasn’t” article:

He wasn’t ill-prepared enough. In 1996, just before Maddux and the Atlanta Braves faced the New York Yankees in the World Series, pitching coach Leo Mazzone met with his starters and relievers and read them the detailed scouting reports. Maddux raised his hand after Mazzone read the report on Yankees slugger Bernie Williams.

“That report is not correct,” Maddux said. “I’ve been watching film of Williams for two weeks, and that report is not correct.”

“Did everybody hear that?” Mazzone said.

The Braves pitchers nodded.

“Well, then the hell with this report,” Mazzone said. “We go with what Mad Dog says.”

Williams hit .167 in the Series.

Maddux will be missed…

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