Lykke Li + Friendly Fires Concert 11.01.2008

I caught Lykke Li again last week on November 1, 2008 at The Independent. I haven’t had time to upload the pictures I took from it, so now they are up. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera on the drive to San Francisco so I had to use the crappy camera on my Sony Ericsson phone.

My sister went with me. She likes Lykke Li. This was my first time at The Independent that is close to Cafe Du Nord, which I tend to frequent. Much like The Fillmore, The Independent is mostly a large room with a stage and bar. By the way, parking sucked ass.

The concert didn’t start for forty-five minutes past its 9:00 PM start time. Then, UK band Friendly Fires came on. I didn’t try to listen to them before the concert, and I was pleasantly surprised by their energy and upbeat sound. The guitarist is cute. Here’s a picture from the band’s website with them and Lykke Li.

Friendly Fires + Lykke Li

Another thirty minutes pass before Lykke Li takes the stage. I guess there they were having sound problems because a technician was fixing stuff for a while. I must mention that during this time I was pushed from behind by some Asian girl. This was uncalled for during the intermission since there wasn’t any music playing. The guy she was with immediately mentioned it wasn’t the girl’s fault since she was pushed from behind. I took this as a lie since I didn’t see anyone behind her.

She later annoyed me further by rubbing her body all over me during the Lykke Li’s performance. Every time I thought I might get a staph infection with that dirty body sweat. Her high nasal voice was screeching in my ear whenever anything came out of her mouth.

Lykke Li could have made up for this, but her extremely short set marred her otherwise good music. She didn’t even play “Time Flies.”

I couldn’t find any better photos other concertgoers uploaded, so here are my blurry pics. We were actually pretty close to the stage.

Lykke Li + Friendly Fires Concert 11.1.08

Lykke Li + Friendly Fires Concert 11.1.08

Lykke Li + Friendly Fires Concert 11.1.08


Youtube user MAKEYOUSICK took a couple of videos of the concert. Has pretty good musical taste.

Friendly Fires — “White Diamonds”

Lykke Li — “I’m Good, I’m Gone”

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