Beach House + Lazarus Concert At Swedish American Hall

I finally got a chance to see Beach House in concert on Sunday (9.28.08). I missed the last time they came to the Bay Area when K-Fan goofed.


The consensus on the San Francisco trio Lazarus was that they were alright. The band was very mellow.

I think her name is Kathryn, but the keyboardist player was pretty cute.

Beach House + Lazarus Concert

Beach House + Lazarus Concert

Beach House

The Maryland duo played well, but the set was sort of short. Victoria spoke a couple of times to the crowd, even telling a story about their recent camping trip at Big Sur.

Beach House + Lazarus Concert

Unfortunately, from my seat I couldn’t see Alex well with this monitor in front of him. I didn’t want to move in order to get a good picture, so this was the best one that I could get.

Here’s a better photo via tvol.

Beach House + Lazarus Concert

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