Halo Crusades Sucks…

Months spent on this fun-loving incredible time-waster at work went to waste when the Halo Crusades server crashed with the all-too-certain backup ending up corrupt and almost unusable.

The site evolved much throughout the months that I spent on the site. I achieved level 11, but am relegated to level 6 now the now-current mid-August data being been rebooted for the site. My $44,000 is now $33,000.

I will not go back.

Below is my greatest triumph.

Halo Crusades

5 Replies to “Halo Crusades Sucks…”

  1. Personally, I am really never going to even think about how I miss HC anymore. I was banned because my friend using the computer at my house’s username is similar to my email, so my IP was banned because he though I had 2 accounts. Sounds like someone dropped out of kindergarten.

  2. Seriously dude. My workmates and I got the same ban and we had to explain why four of us had the same IP. Also, my friend posted something on the forum with suggestions on how to improve the site (with some critiques too) and was banned with a “GET OUT” message. The guy’s a juvenile.

  3. Alas Sylar I was just recently jailed from HC my username was chris. It’s because TnT hates the current HC community and will do anything to get them out. I was also banned for something I didn’t do.

  4. Really man. I had a friend join at my house so I could get a referral and I got IP banned. It’s completely unfair. He’s just a stupid little kid.

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