DVDFile.com Redesign + Outside Lands


My favorite DVD news website DVDFile recently unveiled a much needed redesign. The home page now promotes its content through nicely placed and sized blocks. The screenshot doesn’t show it, but that middle block is reserved for the site’s top story. There is a “Latest News” block on the left, which is sort of redundant since most readers probably can see what is new on the “Disc News” block or on the “Reviews” block.


The “Disc News” pages get bigger real estate, but it looks as if the creators have no idea how to use it. The page looks weird with so much space. I’m glad each disc gets its own “row” but there is too much black space underneath both the pictures and the text. I’m not sure how they can fix that.


The “Reviews” pages are much better handled, with the “Disc Specifications” sidebar moving to left. The color contrasts work well, with the grey providing a more colored background than white for all of the text. I wish the pictures could be bigger and that there could be a better way to utilize the pictures instead of simply alternating sides, as in the Redbelt review.

The huge 250×250 block ad can be distracting, but I gladly click it to support my favorite DVD website.


It’s been many months and counting since DVDFile started reviewing hi-def discs, and they still haven’t fixed the rating table. I hope soon there can be one unifying table to give better clarity between DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Outside Lands Music And Arts Festival

San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music And Arts Festival just released its schedule. Hopefully, soon they can release a better resolution map to go along with the schedule so we can better plan out how we’re going to enjoy the event.


Outside Lands Friday Schedule


Outside Lands Saturday Schedule


Outside Lands Sunday Schedule

I have such high expectations for this festival. I can’t wait to see Radiohead and Nellie McKay. This should be way better than when I went to Noise Pop, which seemed to be very unorganized (which probably had to do with the logistical hardships with organizing so many bands among many venues).

Having one central place will be easier to sample bands as possible, as opposed to the having to travel all across the city. I can’t wait.

Outside Lands Poster

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