Insomniac Folklore + The Poplollys

A trip (July 25, 2008) to Sacramento’s Fox And Goose resulted in a pleasant experience of beer and music.

Insomniac Folklore

We arrived much late into the set by Portland, Oregon-based Insomniac Folklore, but we managed to catch a couple of songs. While not the best folk songs I’ve ever heard, it was definitely a change of pace.

One song singer/songwriter Tyler Hentschel sang was a hybrid that detailed his terrible journey from a gig in San Diego to Sacramento where his van broke down. I could tell at least one person who really dug it. Unfortunately I didn’t take any camera phone pictures, nor could I find any decent ones on the Internet.

It should be noted to band member Britta Hentsche is from Fortuna, California.

The Poplollys

The Poplollys is a pretty good local Americana band. I was surprised I like the band so much.

There wasn’t much interaction between the band and the crowd, at least that I could remember, but their music is definitely quality country folk.

The Poplollys

The Poplollys

[photos via The Poplollys]

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