The Mainstream-O-Meter Is Back!

Bandwidth issues almost killed this resource built from‘s Audioscrobbler, but Mainstream-O-Meter is back. Simply enter your user name and it does some calculations and science analysis.

Here is my profile breakdown on how mainstream my top scrobbled artists are.

dorksandlosers' mainstream-o-meter

Which culminates into a:

dorksandlosers' mainstream-o-meter

Sounds about right.

One last thing about Many people might know a hidden subdomain Playground that pokes a little at the mounds of artist/music data it collects. An interesting statistic it keeps is the artists and tracks that users want to unscrobble from their playlists. Unscrobbler

I get all of the Britney Spears tracks, but who would not want people to know they listen to The Beatles? I mean my God!

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