George W. Bush’s Chest Bump + Buster Olney’s New Dig

George W. Bush

George W. Bush Chestbumps Theodore Shiveley (AP)

This is very old news for President George W. Bush, but I like the picture so much that I wanted to rejoice in it once more.

“President Bush and graduate Theodore Shiveley get ready to bump chests at the United States Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs.”

Buster Olney

Sometime over the last week, ESPN changed its blog pages to match the rest of the site. Thank the heavens because now the blogs look more official and probably less blog-like. The most telling enhancement is probably the navigation bar.

Below are the before and after looks of Buster Olney’s page.

Buster Olney's old blog page

Buster Olney's new blog page

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