Problems + The Economist Redesign

I’ve been receiving an error code 403 associated with the radio function on I’ve had this problem for about a week now, and I thought it was just a small problem associated with its recent power problems. But I’ve tried the client on both my Mac and Windows PCs at home and worked fine, even after downloading and installing updates.

It doesn’t work on my work machine, even after downloading and installing updates. Here’s a screenshot: problem

Every time I try to turn on my radio for either ‘My Recommendations’ or ‘My Neighbourhood Recommendations,’ a starts and cycles through about five or six songs within the span of five or six seconds and shoot out this dialogue box.


This is probably just remedied by a simple uninstall/reinstall, but man…

The Economist redesigned its website on Sunday. I like it. It’s a small step up from its previous design. It definitely looks much cleaner, although that top row below the header looks cluttered, especially looking at the AJAX box with “Most Read” crammed in.

The Economist Website


Blu-ray sucks.

I know there are programs that deal with this, but this new service TuneUp looks promising in dealing with mp3 metadata and album art on the fly. I agree with Kincaid that a subscription service doesn’t look too appealing, especially when there are free programs out there. Advertising seems the best bet. I’ll try to grab a beta account and test drive it with my 10,000+ tracks.

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