Pregnant Man = Cool

If he wasn’t the subject of scientific study, he is now. Thomas Beatie is legally registered as a man, yet the transgender Oregon resident is six months pregnant.


The San Francisco Giants are 1-3 as of 4/4/08. What’s surprising is that the team has actually won a game, and that the team isn’t in sole possession of last place in the National League West. The Colorado Rockies share the cellar with the Giants after losing three straight.

What a bunch of losers.


Fresno, California has voted to make loitering on street medians illegal. It’s designed to stop homeless from asking for money. The city says it’s for public safety, yet firefighters get a pass (and rightfully so) for their annual money drive.

What are the homeless to do now?


“The counter-argument is that this is super-gross.”

The Fold Versus Crumple Debate in using toilet paper.


Didn’t see this get a lot of attention, but an Oakland man died while trying to save his brother.

“Firefighters found Freddy Taylor on top of his brother’s body in a rear bedroom, where he was apparently trying to rescue him. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.”

Very sad.

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