How Do I Get My Michelle Ryan Without Bionic Woman?

I’ll have to admit that I didn’t think much of the Bionic Woman reboot when it premiered last fall. I didn’t even think twice about watching it. I saw a few pictures of the star, but ignored her.

Fast forward to a few months later and I caught BBC’s Jekyll, a re-imagining of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring James Nesbitt. I was hooked. I won’t get into why I think British shows tend to be pretty good, but let’s just say that despite there being only six episodes in that first season (or series, if they don’t produce a second “series”) the show was surprisingly complete and complex.

Well, in the show Tom (Nesbitt) has an assistant, who I must say was really cute (emphasis on the cute). After the show, like all perverted males, I searched the sexy assistant and found out she was Michelle Ryan. I did a few more searches and found out she was in Bionic Woman.


I instantly starting watching whatever episodes were available and I enjoyed the show. It wasn’t perfect, but it had potential.

The show, along with a lot of others, went on hiatus because of the writer’s strike. Well, the strike ended and I was anxious to see more episodes.



How am I supposed to get my Michelle Ryan without more Bionic Woman episodes!?!

Tis a sad day.

There are sexier photos but I’ve never thought of Ryan like that. If you want to see them, search for them under Arena.


Two things to note.

1. I’m working on D&L 0.5beta. I’ve never been happy with this current version 0.1 pro. I’ve already designed a new logo so hopefully I’ll get that up.

2. I’m going to WonderCon this year. Yah for me.

UPDATE: Edited.