I Hate Class Participation + Gattaca

What happened to the time when all you had to do was show up to class, sit down, and shut up, with the only action even remotely resembling movement was to make sure the teacher didn’t call your name and embarrass you in front of the class, which happens to include the girl of your dreams who also coincidentally sits far enough that you wouldn’t be distracted by her perfume but close enough that if you accidentally dropped your pencil a quick glance could confirm her classroom attendance.

I get the whole class participation thing and that students need to have varying learning methods, but damn. No teache rr professor has a good answer to making students give presentations and such.

I’ve heard that students need to get over their fear of public speaking. I still haven’t.

I’ve heard that teachers are lazy and don’t want to spend every class period talking and lecturing. It’s only a class or two! That’s some serious laziness.

GRRR. While I don’t have as many presentations as I did last semester, it’s still troubling that I have some.


DVDSpot is a cool online DVD database that allows users to catalog their collections and share them with people. I was looking at some of their collection statistics and I thought it was funny how more users had Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones on DVD than either the original trilogy or Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith.

I know the trilogy is more expensive since it’s a box set, but damn. How the hell do people who call themselves Star Wars fans have the unbearable Episode II than the original or at least the better eye candy Episode III?

Boggles the mind.



And finally, one of my favorites movies of all times — Gattaca — is getting the double-dip special edition treatment. I sold my original DVD years ago in anticipation of a new edition. It’s taken years, but at last…

Here’s the new cover art:

Gattaca Special Edition DVD

Special features include:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Substance Test Outtake
  • Welcome to Gattaca
  • Do Not Alter?

I get how the new edition promotes Jude Law’s increased popularity since Gattaca was originally released in 1997. But I miss the old DVD artwork seen below.

Old Gattaca DVD

It’s more colorful. But this new edition utilizes more of the film’s cinematography, but I like the original theatrical poster art better than all.

Gattaca theatrical poster

It comes out March 11, 2008.

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