Miss America 2008 + BF2

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Miss Michigan Kirsten Haglund is the new Miss America and while I tried very hard to watch last night’s telecast on TLC, I couldn’t.

Sure, I watched bits and pieces of it. Of course, I made sure to watch the swimsuit competition, but I guess like millions of other people I just stopped caring about the pageant.

Miss Indiana Nicole Elizabeth Rash was the first runner up, and Miss Washington Elyse Umemoto was the second runner-up.

The pagaent tried a new hipper, sexier look for the telecast. I would actually argue for a more classy wholesome look because guys like me would watch it regardless, so the pagaent is actually looking for the girls, women, and maybe families that stopped tuning in because of the ramped-up sex-appeal.

Just a thought.

I finally got promoted in Battlefield 2. After a four month layoff, I was still 5,000 points away from being Sergeant Major. This means that I now have 50,000 total points for the game. My goal has always been to get 2nd Lieutenant and then just mess around to increase my skills in other areas besides simple killing power. I completely lost my ability to fly a plane.

That should be my number one agenda after I reach 60,000 points. Then, I’ll try to get my ribbons and medals that I can get that don’t have time restrictions. If you want to know about my friend smokin’… he’s at about 180,000. Crazy….


Spent a night with the sister. Went to the Fox and Goose, which is an English bar and we saw some bands.

The first band was a duo called All On Seven. Their music sounds very different than the music on their MySpace page because the lead singer Evan Palmer played the piano instead of the guitar. I enjoyed them.

The next band was Sulky Darky. I liked him, but my sister didn’t.


I didn’t take any pictures because the whole place is kind of small and was crowded. Here’s a picture I found of Kevin Michael Dockter. I’d describe his music as Iron & Wine-like.

We left before the final band Silver Darling played. Unfortunate, but the music on their MySpace page sounds really good. I’ll probably try to seem them play live soon.


Never would have thought that a Grand Slam title would go to someone other than Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic won the 2008 Australian Open title after beating Wilfried Tsonga 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (2). I caught the first half and it appeared to be even, but it was visible that Tsonga was definitely battling nerves.

It’s interesting how Djokovic is the men’s champion, and Maria Sharapova is the women’s champion (after beating Ana Ivanovic).


School starts tomorrow. Bleh…

UPDATE: Edited.

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