Australian Open 2008 + No More Chakvetadze

I’ve been kind of disappointed with ESPN2’s television coverage with the 2008 Australian Open. Everytime I turn it on I see men’s tennis. That’s great and all, but I’ve been trying to watch women’s tennis!

No offense to Marcos Baghdatis, but I’d rather be watching Ana Ivanovic. Especially no offense to Roger Federer, but I’d rather be watching Daniela Hantuchova.

My girl Anna Chakvetadze (6) is no longer in, losing to Maria Kirilenko (27) 7-6 (8-6), 1-6, 2-6 in the third round. Now I have even less incentive to watch. See Anna photos here. GRRR.


I guess HD DVD is already dead. It’s strange how writer Todd Longwell not only omits HD DVD from his credits on popularizing film preservation, but he also credits Blu ray first (he also misspelled it) and puts DVD (which should be first and possibly the only reason) second. High-definition television shouldn’t even really be on the list considering most people still don’t have HD TV, and Criterion Collection doesn’t even get a mention. Although I am glad the $$$ signs get prominant mention too.

HD DVD Already Dead

“Credit Blu-Ray Disc, its antecedent DVD and high-definition television. The proliferation of such technology has educated the consumer, creating a demand for high-quality images and audio, and has given studios an ideal economic motive for keeping their libraries in top condition. And once most consumers become accustomed to crisp visuals and booming audio, nothing less will do.”

As of 1/18/08, HD DVD discs and players can still be bought in stores.


Know what your pillow is made from? Apparently, no one does.

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