D&L 4.0 (beta) Redesign Built On DNL 0.1 Theme

At last. I’ve finally (almost) finished my D&L redesign. I’m tentatively calling this D&L version 4.0 (beta). There are some kinks I need to work out, but I’m just so sick of working on it and still blogging on my former theme that I just decided to switch and continually tweak the theme.

DNL 4.0 (beta)

Things I need to do:

  1. Validate the theme to specific XHTML standards. There are probably lots of bugs and errors.
  2. Tweak the sidebar to make it widget-ready. I’ve already done this step, but I don’t think I did it right.
  3. Fix the sidebar flash slideshow. It works sometimes. Or at least that first time.
  4. Installl new plugins.
  5. Install new Gallery2 theme for my gallery page.
  6. Install BBPress to serve as my forum page.

I’m calling this specific theme DNL 0.1 Pro. I’m thinking about stripping it down to release as a free WordPress theme that will be called DNL 0.1 Lite. I need to polish it a lot before I release it. Well, that or I prepare for tons of criticism.

Overall, I’m content with this redesign. Obviously I had bigger plans for the redesign and for the most part, it looks like what I envisoned. But the limitations of my skills became apparent rather quickly. It took a couple weeks to study and learn PHP and specific WordPress code. I think design a good theme, but I can’t code for crapsake. Plus, my Photoshop skills are super limited.

I think this designing themes will be my new hobby. Well, if it doesn’t become my new hobby, it’s because I suck at it and gave up.

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