The Dark Knight + Goose Gossage

I honestly can say that I can’t wait for the summer when Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is finally released. I probably shared the same mixed reaction to Heath Ledger being cast as Joker. But hand it to both Nolan and Ledger that Christian Bale has quite the adversary.

Here are a bunch of cool teaser posters.

The Dark Knight The Dark Knight The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight The Dark Knight The Dark Knight


Goose Gossage will finally be in the MLB Hall of Fame as the lone member voted in by writers. Jim Rice missed again, but it’s assumed he’ll get the votes needed next year in his 15th and final year of eligibility.

Other notables:

Andre Dawson 358 votes = 65.9%
Bert Blyleven 336 votes = 61.9%
Tim Raines 132 votes = 24.3%
Mark McGwire 128 votes = 23.6%

Dawson should be in. Blyleven is definitely one of those borderline guys, even though his strikeout and win totals suggest otherwise. I’m surprised Raines didn’t get more votes despite all the recent ESPN love. In a recent HOF chat, Jayson Stark cites Raines’ 1987 season as one of the greatest ever for a leadoff hitter:

“If you were compiling a list of greatest leadoff seasons of modern times, where would you rank Raines’ season in 1987 — the year he missed all of spring training and all of April thanks to collusion, and still scored 123 runs? That .330 AVG/.429 OBP/.526 SLUG stat line is leadoff wizardry at its greatest, don’t you think?”

I don’t think McGwire will ever be in the HOF. Steroids talk aside, his career batting AVG is .263 (would be the lowest of any HOF player) and he only had 1,626 career hits. Of those hits, he had 583 home runs (over 1/3 of his hits). I don’t think anyone could have been a more one-dimensional player.

In one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard from the glorious Scott Boras on Rick Ankiel:

“You have a player whose contributions came first as a pitcher, then as a position player,” the agent said. “The last player you’re really talking about is Babe Ruth.”



Adrian Wojnarowski named the NBA’s five most disappointing teams. The New York Knicks probably shouldn’t have been on the list since no one thought they would be good anyway. Here’s my favorite quote regarding the woeful Miami Heat:

“As Wade has discovered on the worst team in the Eastern Conference, his greatness doesn’t even make this team competitive. In a desperate quick-fix attempt, Riley surrounded Wade with broken-down players and bad actors. The result finds the Heat with the worst record in the Eastern Conference, unfathomably even trailing the New York Knicks.”


Another one of those gotta have its…

A three foot curverd desktop monitor. Sick.

Here’s something I found and thought it was a little goofy. Well, rather manly… I suppose.

I stumbled across the movie Sex And Breakfast and decided to look it up on the good ole IMDB. Imagine why…

Gazing on the page stumbled upon the page’s message board. Someone asks a very male question and I am rather impressed at the directness and unshamefulness of one of the messages:



Other links:

  • Texas has a strip club tax aimed at helping sexual assault victims. Each visitor must pay $5 to the state. Very bad policy, indeed.
  • Yet another example of how much greater dogs are than cats. Dogs save kids from burning buildings. Confirmed.
  • Hilary Clinton somehow won the New Hampshire Democratic primary. Sen. Barack Obama must be pissed. Although I’m not surprised to see my man Sen. John McCain won the N.H. Republican primary.

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