Merry Christmas + Other Good Stuff

It’s been a very relaxing Christmas holiday for me so far. I hung out with friends, and chillaxed for a bit.

We found a new San Francisco digg called Harry’s Bar. Will probably hit that up again. We also watched Juno, which is really good and funny (even after thinking about the faults I had with it, will probably discuss later). I might want to watch it again, and perhaps it might overtake Sunshine as my favorite movie of 2007.

There are two things that I miss about the Bay Area and Berkeley in particular: the climate and the water. In Sacramento, it’s been cold as hell. Berkeley was completely manageable and sometimes a little warm. It makes you think twice about what you’re wearing.


Ashley ForceI don’t know it took me so long to post this, but here it goes.

Ashley Force is hot, and she drives race cars for a living. Hopefully Ashley becomes a little more well known, and will be included in conversations with Danica Patrick. I know they’re both technically in different sports, but I digg chicks that digg cars.


I finally started actually work on Dorks And Losers 4.0. I realized the coding is much more difficult that I thought it would be, but fortunately I was able to finish and perfect the dimensions and measurements of my new homepage. It’s going be much tighter than many other designs, but that’s what I like. I’ve never been much of a fan of a lot of empty space.

The php scripting shouldn’t be too difficult, but it’s just all the CSS stuff I need to do…

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