Tom Beauty Leads New England Patriots Over Indianapolis Colts

Sunday’s HEAVILY promoted regular season match-up between the New England Patriots and defending Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts was a good one. It was interesting to see Joseph Addai completely step up for the Colts while Marvin Harrison was out. Peyton Manning didn’t really seem to have that superstar aura even though his team led for much of the game.

Tom Brady wasn’t his usual self for much of the game either, but took over during the final three possessions. A 24-20 final score makes doesn’t even tell you how close the game really was considering how good the teams’ offenses are.

That 55-yard hail mary pass from Brady to Randy Moss was absolutely ridiculous. When that play is actually successful, 99% of the time it’s luck. Moss made it look easy because he really is that good.

My biggest gripe about the game was the constant camera shots of Brady and Manning while they were on the sidelines when their respective defenses were field. I know the game was really important, but jesus, they sure did thicken that sauce.

Antonio Cromartie of the San Diego Chargers set an NFL record with his 109-yard field goal return. That’s a stat booster, no doubt.

Funny excerpt from Buster Olney’s blog.

“New Atlanta GM Frank Wren is an old farmer, at heart, writes Michelle Hiskey. What Frank says about cows in this story is dead-on: If you have 40 cows, you have 40 different personalities. Among the jersey cows on our Vermont farm, for example, we had a cow named Debbie who was a notorious fence-breaker. During the Yankees-Red Sox playoff game in 1978, she busted the whole herd out right after Yaz’s home run early in the game, and I spent the next three innings chasing the herd back into our pasture. I never forgave her for that.”

That’s why I wish I grew up on a farm…

DX10 vs. DX9

Here’s an interesting look at the differences between the much-hyped DirectX 10 codec and the long-gestating DX9.

The IT Crowd is returning for a third season. BTW, NBC’s adaptation of the series was cancelled. Thank god.

“Information wants to be free.” – Stewart Brand

The Sony Playstation 2 sold its 120 millionth unit. Does anyone think the Nintendo Wii, as popular as it is right now, will come close to the enormous sales of the PS2?

A couple of kids invented wedgie-proof underwear. While I applaud the efforts of these 8-year-old twins, who’s to say that receiving wedgies isn’t one of the most important rights-of-passages that still exist within male circles?

There’s nothing more exciting (or manly) than pulling another mane’s underwear up to the point where you can smell who doesn’t know how to wipe his ass properly.

I finally received my warranty-replaced 500 GB hard drive that completely crapped out on me a few weeks ago. That bad boy wasn’t even a day over his first birthday.

Quote from Homicide: Life On The Street:

Det. John Munch: “I don’t like to form attachments with people. They either get suspended or throw china at you.”

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