If You’re Going To Use Ringers, At Least Be More Discreet

Franklin High School in Stockton, California was severely reprimanded by the California Interscholastic Federation Sac-Joaquin Section’s board of managers for using three players from American Somoa. Wow.

The school’s football coaches flew the families to Stockton and put them in hotels long enough for the mothers to register the boys for school. Wow.

The football program has been suspended for two years, and some other athletic programs at the school are in danger as well.

The TJ Maxx data breach is apparently worse than the company had led you to believe.

“The 94 million cards is more than twice TJX’s original estimate of the extent of the breach: 46.5 million.”

Between $68 and $83 million in fraud has already been attributed to the case.

New Amazon.com Look

It’s funny how I haven’t heard anything about this yet. Amazon.com just unveiled a new redesign.

Overall I like it. It looks much more streamlined than before. A nice minimalist header, but I’m surprised that the company downplayed its logo. I expected it to be a little bigger. A color scheme change would be welcomed in its next redesign. Not the right kind of color, in my opinion.

I haven’t checked Firefox, but I only seem to see it in Internet Explorer 7. It doesn’t show on Safari or Opera.

Family Guy Does Star WarsFamily Guy is coming out on DVD. Well, that’s not news, but Fox is giving the 48-minute episode Star Wars spoof that the show did its own DVD.

Milk it for all it’s worth, I guess. I wonder if the next season DVD will have the same stuff?

Radio hates Bruce Springsteen and other baby boomer singers. Amazing, considering the Boss still sells despite no radio airplay on the popular music stations.

It’s yet another foray for Berkeley, California into international politics. In a recent October 23, 2007 city council meeting, the council voted to adopt “a the Resolution drafted by the Peace and Justice Commission urging the government of Myanmar/Burma to immediately cease the use of violence in suppression of non-violent protests by it’s citizens, cease the detention of political prisoners and release those currently held, restore communications within and outside the county including telephone, cellular, and Internet services, and enter into sincere negotiations with leaders of the movement for democracy and human rights in Mynamar/Burma.”

Nomally, this wouldn’t really be a big deal if it wasn’t for the cost to adopt such measure.


That’s $23,567 that the council will take from the general fund, and spend just to “urge” a cease in violence in the country. Unbelievable. What a waste of time. That region barely cares what the United States has to say about it, why would they care about what a small city has to say about it.

The only country that can help them is China.

Top 10 possible teams for Alex Rodriguez by Jeff Passan.

Quote from Homicide: Life On The Street:

Det. Stan Bolander: “The Italians are an unforgiving lot.”
Lt. Al ‘Gee’ Giardello: “I know, but we make great pasta. It balances out.”

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