Barry Bonds + Jeff Kent, Marion Jones, RIAA

Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent were teammates for a very long time. You’d never know it, but those two hated each other. Yet the irony was the two were more similar than they were different.

If you ever read stories about the two nowadays, you’ll hear how Kent was just as a loner as Bonds was. Even though Kent was enthusiastic during interviews, it’s just that he’d only be enthusiastic during interviews. He wanted to make himself look like the anti-Bonds.

I guess great players live alike as they play alike.

“Now comes a meaningless Dodger Stadium series, maybe the most hollow in the rivalry’s long history, and Bonds has cashed in the season. Kent, scorned by the team and hobbled by injuries, might be a shadow, as well. As the National League season reaches a thrilling climax, there is no place for its loneliest men.”

It turns out Marion Jones was on the juice. I don’t think there anyone who didn’t think she didn’t use it.

“It’s funky, because you wanted to believe she was clean,” said Jon Drummond, a gold medalist in the 400 relay in Sydney. “It’s like that old saying, ‘Cheaters never win.’ So no matter how glorious or glamorous things look, you’ll get caught and pay a price for it.”

Well, maybe that guy makes one.

“He’s got two shutouts in his career in the regular season. And three in the postseason. That’s absurd.” – Buster Olney on Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett’s mastery over the Los Angeles Angels in Game 1 of the ALDS.

“He has RBIs in his glove.” – Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox on his former center fielder Andruw Jones.

I never thought this would happen. The Recording Industry Association of America won the first trial against a suspected illegal file-sharer. In hindsight, Jammie Thomas probably should have paid the settlement, but given all the bad press and failed court cases against the RIAA, how could she have lost? She now has to pay $220,000.

This sets a bad precedent. The RIAA will now continue to file lawsuits, and will probably see a lot more settlements instead of fights like the one Thomas just lost. This is going to prolong the inevitable: the music industry changing its business to fit the times.

Facebook just keeps getting hotter. I think Yahoo! is kicking themselves in the butt for now paying the $1.5 billion that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg countered when Yahoo! finally offered $1 billion.

That’s gotta sting.

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  1. Despite her use of steroids, she should not be stripped of her medals. However, she should be banned from competition. Afterall, steroids or not, it took her hardwork to win the medal. You can go watch her races. Steroids or not, the amount of training put in is still phenomenal and she should keep the medal.
    You can see a video of her race here:

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