Movies To Watch, Homework To Do, Teams To Pray For

It’s weird how some popcorn movies go well with some and not for others. This is especially true with movies directed by Michael Bay. I’ve heard some call him a hack director, while others can’t get enough of his flicks.

I will say that his films are always well-made. With his last film Transformers I heard equally mixed reactions. It’s certainly entertaining, but there were two glaring issurs I had with it.

1. There wasn’t enough screen time with the robots. You’ve probably heard that before.
2. Shia LaBeouf’s character wasn’t developed in a consistent manner. One minute, he’s trying to peddle money for his new car, while the next he’s trying to impress Megan Fox’s character. That brings me to an unofficial issue that you probably could have done away with that whole romantic subplot.

It’s still entertaining, but they should’ve brought more robots.

I have lots of homework that needs to get done, but for some reason I’m not doing it.

Will the New York Mets and the San Diego Padres make the playoffs? The rest of the day will be exciting…

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