A Broken Shoe + Perspectives + D&L 3.5

Broken Shoe

I broke my dress shoes the other day. It was bound to happen since they are pretty old. But the timing of it was very unfortunate. I was walking to work, when suddenly I kept hearing flopping. I looked around me and no one was around.

Flop. Flop.

I look down and the sole of my right shoe was unattached at the heel. I thought I could make it to the office to tape it, but as I walked the three blocks the sole slowly dettached for everyone around me to see and point at.


The Sacramento Metro Chamber hosted its annual Perspectives event. Speakers included Rush Limbaugh, Colin Quinn, and Chris Gardner of The Pursuit Of Happyness fame. I took a few pictures of him before he took off after signing about two hundred autographs.

Chris Gardner at Perspectives 2007 Chris Gardner at Perspectives 2007


D&L 3.5 is officially a go. Getting it up didn’t take as long as previous versions did. Tweaking it might take a bit of work since all of the dimensions are much larger so I need to fix almost every post and such. I might keep this theme longer than I had others. This magazine style is very much what I envisoned D&L to be.

The theme is called “The Morning After” and was created by Arun Kale. Can be found here.

Much appreciated.

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