New iPod touch + shuffle + classic + nano

iPod touch

Well at least a true widescreen iPod — the iPod touch — is out, sans phone service. I’m surprised that this caused such a price drop for the iPhone. I’m conflicted. A bigger capacity widescreen iPod or a smaller capacity iPhone. It would be nice to have the duality of a music player and phone. Hmmm…

iPod shuffle 2.0Apple also updated its best iPod ever — the iPod shuffle — but the worst thing is that the only part that changed is the color. The colors are ugly to boot. Apple should have used the original iPod mini colors. Those were at least cool.

Instead, we have the “product red” color, and these subdued pastel colors. Jeez. What happened to the best selling pink, bondi blue, orange, and my personal favorite lime green.

And it’s still only at 1 GB capacity. At least 2 would have made it somewhat worthwhile. I’m happy with my iPod shuffle 1.0, but now I have to think about an iPod touch or an iPhone. Oh, my indecisiveness comes to haunt me.

The original iPod has also been phased out and rebranded classic. It high-end sports a surprisingly large 160 GB HD. Still wouldn’t provide me with enough storage I’m sad to say. Also the iPod nano rumors were true and a fatter, yet slimmer model came about. It finally includes video and cover flow support. A brighter displays makes it more marketable, but the colors…

*** 7:15 PM PST Update ***

Wrong Upton, Timmy. Or it could be Yahoo!’s fault. Appeared on the Yahoo! Sports homepage on 9/4/07 at 11:51 PM PST.

You decide…

HBO’s The Wire is a wrap. The fifth and final season will air sometime early 2008. Can’t wait.

*** 9:03 PM PSTS Update ***

The Yahoo! Sports homepage now states the correct Upton.

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