Danger Will Robinson! DANGER!

Jose Offerman Fights With Bat

It’s a pretty scary thing to look. A minor league (one-time major league) hitter swinging a bat at you.

Very quick reaction from Bridgeport Bluefish catcher John Nathans to protect his pitcher Matt Beech. Luckily the media can keep things in perspective with the highlight focus being on his charging the mound with the bat in tow.

The ultimate issue is the bat. Had Offerman charged the mound without a bat, the entire incident most likely would not have been the focus of the media and there wouldn’t have been news conferences held in Central Islip and Bridgeport.

In today’s politically correct culture, I wouldn’t be surprised if Offerman never played in professional baseball again. Sure, he’ll play in independent leagues, but I doubt he’ll ever live this down. No matter how much community service he does to try to repair his image.

Torii Hunter’s reaction: “There’s demons in everybody.”

You gotta ask yourself: WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING?

Loads of respect to Nathans. He is a teammate, who received a concussion with a a hit to the head in Offerman’s backswing, which also broke Beech’s right middle finger. It’s said Nathans will miss the remainder of the season.

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