SF Giants + Bonds In 2008?

According to Bonds, he wants to be back in the Bay next year.

“My numbers are good enough to play. When I feel I can’t compete at this level, that’s when it’s time to shut it down. My numbers are still in the top whatever in baseball. When I feel I’m not good enough to compete, when I can’t compete at the level I feel is respectful for me, that’s when it’s time to shut it down. Right now, my numbers are not bad.”

The idea of having a HR hitter in the lineup is very exciting considering the team has had a huge power outtage since Jeff Kent left the team via free agency. But the only way this would work is if Bonds took an extraordinary hometown discount (and I’m talking $5 million territory, and it’s not like he really needs the money). He’s getting paid $15.8 million this year, and he doesn’t get maybe 300-400 ABs.

He might affect the game more than any other player, but the team needs to get younger and faster. Bonds is neither. Plus the money should go toward draft picks to rebuild our barren farm system. We haven’t past the Todd Linden fiasco (our last hopeful position prospect), and even though Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain were drafted by us, they were already pretty good in college ball. I’d like to see the team drafting and developing talented, higher ceiling high school players. We need those impact players. We need a younger Barry Bonds.

*** 11:00 PM Update ***

Congrats to Rick Ankiel in his first major league game in what seems like an eternity, and he hit a home run. What about that. You don’t get many of these kind of guys that seemingly lose the ability to play baseball after tremendous starts. All seemed lost, until — and give much credit to the St. Louis Cardinals for sticking with Ankiel — he decided to give up pitching and return to the outfield.

Very big congrats, and depending on how he does with the rest of the season makes his story and Josh Hamilton’s the two best feel-good great stories of the year.

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