Battlefield 2 + Battlefield 2142 Stats Are Not Updating

I thought it was a minor issue, but apparently it’s a bigger issue than anyone thought. I went on a BF2 break for a couple of weeks only to start again, but low and behold that my stats were not updating.

It’s happened before but it usually corrected itself after a couple of days. Nope.

And apparently this has gone on since June 15. Wow. That’s a lot of pissed off gamers, and I can’t believe after reading all of the forums about this problem that EA still hasn’t fixed it.

But from EA’s point of view, most of the gamers will come back to the game when the issue is resolved since it’s still a really good game. But why would the company risk that bad press. But EA has been covering its tracks well since I haven’t read anything mainstream about it yet.

The company is progressing since I have gotten some points, but not all that I accumulated so far. Not even my expert pistol medal. GRRRR.

Criticism to EA: This problem should have been fixed June 16, 2007 if it really began June 15, 2007.

Advice to EA: FIX IT NOW!

Chances are that if this happened to World Of Warcraft, the problem wouldn’t have escalated. One. Blizzard is a much better company. Two. Mainstream news LOVE WOW.

BF2 players get no love.

*** 9:28 PM Update ***

I wanted to show a quick screenshot of an “official EA response” on the company’s forum.

EA's BF2 Response

Sucks a big nut.

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