2007 MLB First Year Player Draft + New Riley Kiley Album

Watched most of the first ever televised MLB first year player draft today on ESPN2. It wasn’t as exciting as the NBA or NFL player draft, but it did a good job helping to show why MLB drafts are so hit and miss. Players are drafted out of high school and college. Only recently did the NBA stop players from being drafted right of high school, and that’s pretty much unheard of in the NFL.

The San Francisco Giants had three picks in the first round, getting LHP Madison Bumgarner 10th, RHP Tim Alderson 22nd, and OFWendell Fairley 29th. Two power pitchers. Funny cause Jeff Passan predicted that the Giants needed more position players in their farm system. C’est la vie.

Thank God for this bit of news. New Rilo Kiley album coming out August 21, 2007.


01 Silver Lining
02 Close Call
03 The Moneymaker
04 Breakin’ Up
05 Under the Blacklight
06 Dreamworld
07 Dejalo
08 15
09 Smoke Detector
10 The Angels Hung Around
11 Give a Little Love

Oh yeah. The album is called Under The Blacklight.

The San Antonio Spurs have a 1-0 lead over the the Cleveland Caveliers in the NBA Finals with their 85-76 win. Spurs led most of the game, but broke it open during the 3rd quarter. Tough game for LeBron James, starting the game 0-8 in FG.

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