Pet Peeve Numero Tois

In my opinion, meteorologists aren’t the smartest people in the room. That being said, people who repeat meteorologists’ weather forecasts probably aren’t the smartest people in the room either.

Example. The weather forecast for Sacramento, CA was cloudy with a chance of showers. Okay. I’ll wear a sweater. I’m driving on the freeway. The radio DJ says the forecast for today (May 2, 2007) would be cloudy with a chance of showers. In reality: it’s pouring. Chance of showers? That should be upgraded, and granted, the DJ is probably sitting indoors without a window next to her (female voice), but man your credibility wouldn’t have been shot down if you had just taken two seconds to look out of a window.

BTW, it was REALLY pouring on my drive to school at around 7:20 AM.

And to be clear, my pet peeve is that meteorologists and their weather forecasts aren’t too accurate, and it would be nice to have intelligent predictions. You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve heard a forecast predicting heavy rain only to wake up to a bright sun and 90 degree heat.

Funny compilation of those great ESPN commercials. #10 isn’t that funny with Peyton and Eli Manning providing the sports star acting. #8 should be higher on the list with Big Papi David Ortiz and Jorge Posada.

But #1 is absolute gold. Up there for your viewing pleasure.

*** 1:32 PM Update ***

1. A terrier, named George, only a foot high saved five New Zealand kids from two attacking pit bulls. This is another notch my belt as to why dogs are better than cats. Granted, the kids were being attacked by dogs. I HOPE this isn’t used as a means to ban pit bulls from being pets. They are great animals and it’s almost always the owners at fault for the pets’ behavior.

“George was brave,” he took them on, and he’s not even a foot high,” Gay told The Associated Press. “He jumped in on them, he tried to keep them off.”

2. Found out about this yesterday actually. Forgot to blog it. Gisele Bundchen is no longer a Victoria Secret model. She reportedly wanted more than $5 million a year. As I have long said, she was never the hottest model for the company. Adriana Lima is.

Adriana Lima

It was pretty hard trying to find a picture of Adriana not wearing lingerie or a swimsuit. In anything, she always looks good.

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