Apple’s iPod Hits 100 Million

Jesus. I can’t imagine there being 100 million iPods in the world. I want to admit that I was one of first people to actually want an iPod. Back in its super ugly form. Back before Apple made its smartest business decision to make the iPod PC-friendly.

Sometimes I wish it never did. Kept it a niche product. But Apple wouldn’t be as popular today if it hadn’t. Somehow I haven’t rejected the iPod as I usually do of products that reach critical mass. I gave up on Google when it became super popular. I was a huge proponent of the search engine when it still partnered with Yahoo!

We’ll see.

Here’s a cool picture of the iPod’s evolution.


Something’s wrong with Barry Zito and his two losses already. Is $126 million worth an 8.18 ERA?

BTW – Johan Santana is GOD.

Davistiger, you’re an IDIOT. My Sony Ericsson s710a doesn’t accept Memory Stick Pro Duos. You suck. The phone only accepts Memory Stick Duos, which have a maximum capacity of 128 MB. ACK.

So not only did I waste $15 buying a 1 GB Pro Duo, I need to buy another stick of memory.


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