The SF Giants’ Outfield Is Finally Getting Younger With Todd Linden

Todd LindenFor years, the Giants seemed to like having an aged outfield. Bonds was always going to get older. We signed Marquis Grissom to be our center fielder a few years ago. We had Jose Cruz Jr. but after the World Series drop, we quickly got rid of him. We had Moises Alou for a couple of years, but he never seemed to be healthy for very long despite the team’s success with him and Bonds in the lineup together.

We just signed Dave Roberts to be our center fielder, despite him being over thirty. Randy Winn is younger, but he hasn’t seemed to catch fire like he did when he was the NL Player of the Month in September 2005 after we traded for him. He can be really good, but he is streaky.

We are going to get younger with, I hope, finally Todd Linden staying with the club. He never seemed to get on fire either, but he is very young and almost out of minor league options so he HAS TO and SHOULD make the club.

He has that switch-hitting power that ANY team loves.

***1:13 PM Update***

I’ve finalyl got around to getting a video of this rare prehistoric shark caught off the coast of Japan. It died a few hours after this video was taken.

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  1. Wow, I actually like the music you gave me this time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sondre Lerche’s Two Way Monologue. I’ve listened to it so many times now. Thanks again, Tan the Man! (I still want the new albums by The Shins and The Decemberists. PRETTY PLEEEEEAAAAASE?)

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