Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s Concert

The concert last night was good. I went with K-Fan to see Margot & The Nuclear So And So’s at the Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco. It was a late concert, starting at 9:30 pm. I wish it was earlier only for the fact that BART’s last train from SF to Berkeley was 12:15 am. So with a late showtime, getting on that last train would be pushing it close.

I drove because K-Fan is a pussy and doesn’t want to drive in SF. It wasn’t that bad. The concert was cool, although K-Fan like the opening act, Dirty On Purpose, more than Margot — but according the him, the band’s name is Dirty On Policy. Both bands had short sets, and I’m surprised Margot didn’t play longer. But Margot’s rationale was that the band only had one record out, to which they’re working on another one, and the tickets weren’t that expensive. $10 is pretty cheap.

There were a lot of hot chicks at the concert, like at the Jenny Lewis concert. I think I liked her concert better. But the Cafe Du Nord’s venue was a lot smaller and more intimate, although some people were a lot closer than they should’ve been.

Pet peeve of the night – They didn’t give me a ticket stub of the concert. I will call-ed the tickets and I didn’t get one. But K-Fan pointed out that even the people that bought the tickets at the venue didn’t receive any either. How can you not give out ticket stubs? How will I remember that special night?

Today is Cyber Monday. Stupid made-up day to spend more money. Last year, everyone was talking about Cyber Monday and neither me or my brother had ever heard of it. I wikied it and the pages proved my point. It didn’t exist before last year and these stupid companies are trying to make up another day to get people to shop and spend, like Valentine’s Day.

Stupid rlyconfused. Through all of my shopping for parts for a new computer and asking his opinion, the one thing that I have left to buy — other than a motherboard — is a wireless adapter! GRRR.

How will I surf the web and download crap. AHHHH.

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