Gonna Miss That School

Yesterday was my last day at the elementary school. I’m gonna kinda miss working there. The kids (most of them) are great. They have loads of energy. I’m gonna miss those hot substitute teachers. One of the kids even bought me a chocolate mini cake when he said good-bye to me.

As for job prospects, they look pretty good. I have a job for at least another month, another job that I could have for four months, I interviewed for an IT job on last Wednesday, and my other boss is trying to get me hired also. So I’m not in a bad place to be, and I’m glad to not be stressed out.

I’m been meaning to post this for a while. But I’ve only now had time to. 18-year old Tatana Kucharova from the Czech Republic is the new Miss World 2006.

Simply stunning. She likes long walks on the beach, cuddling at sunrise and sunset, and Tan The Man covered in whipped cream.

I also saw the best buns I’ve ever seen on a girl. Wow. I also let her know via Tan The Man charm.

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