iTunes 7.0 + Non-Widescreen iPod

Dammit. I would have liked to see a widescreen iPod. Watching movies in non 16×9 widescreen format seems so weird to me. Why would anyone do this? It’s one of the main reasons why I don’t watch movies that I haven’t seen on TV (cable or HBO).

The best news is iTunes 7.0. It sure does look pretty. The feature to automatically download cover art is a boom. It saves me so much time and shaves Project iTunes 2.0 in half. Yah! Nice rundown of the Apple 9/12/06 event is here.

And yes, the new view from iTunes does copy a small page from Window Media Player 11 beta. It looks great, but it’s so impractical. It’s all about the Cover Flow baby!

Also, the new 2nd gen shuffle doesn’t look too shabby. Too bad I’ve already had my heart reserved for the SLVR.

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