I Don’t Smell…

According to Yahoo!, most people associate the word “dork” with smelly smart people. I don’t think dorks is the worst of the three smart people groups. Nerds are so much less social than dorks, and geeks have absolutely no life. Dorks are the best. And I don’t smell. Maybe davistiger does, but not me.

Check out my cool ticket generation:

PS: I just broke my $2 mojito glass. 🙁

2 Replies to “I Don’t Smell…”

  1. i am still alive! (in case you were wondering.) i ran into xochi this morning, and realized i haven’t seen the gang in a while. believe it or not, i miss you guys. hopefully i’ll have my life back once all this application madness ends. then let the drinking begin!

    p.s. you replace me with anyone (cough-wendy-cough), i’ll kill you.

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