Going To The State Fair Tomorrow

The California State Fair is going on in Sacramento right now. We’re going to attend it tomorrow after years of wanting to go. Lifehouse is playing a concert at the fair, which is cool and weird at the same time. Should be fun. Hopefully I’ll win something. I kinda want to go on the ferris wheel, but I need to put my fear of falling and my fear of heights on hibernate mode.

Finally got the pictures from last December’s Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert from Jina’s phone.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert Trans-Siberian Orchestra ConcertTrans-Siberian Orchestra Concert Tan B-Day

They look fuzzy, but Jina’s camera phone sucks and we were on the second deck. It was a fun concert.

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  1. you phone sucks more. and my digital camera for the moment is better than yours. Oh, and i got my dinovo thingie, yay!

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