A Guy’s Night Out

Last night was one of our first guy’s nights out in a long time. With BEG doing girly things, us guys set out to have fun that only us guys know how.

We started by dropping BEG at her friend’s house. We picked up Rlyconfused back home who was fixing his computer that he messed up. We went to Fry’s, looked at stuff, and nothing much there except this cute Russian girl who works there now.

We ate at a Hawaiian barbeque place that has always caught Rlyconfused’s eye. I’ll say this, that place serves their dishes with a lot of meat, but also with loads of oil. And the only chicken that got was the skin part. I did some push-ups when I got home.

We then drove back to Davis where we stopped by downtown to find a bar to grab a beer. That failed and we drove to Safeway to pick up some beer. We then went back home to drink the beer only to find that BEG and her girlfriends had already infiltrated our guy’s night out. If only…

Currently listening to: The Cardigans – “My Favourite Game”

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