The Adored – A New Language (2006)

The Adored - A New LanguagePunk rock bands seem like a dying breed in the current indie dominated landscape. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, The Adored strives to repopulate the radio airwaves with the type of punk rock that hasn’t been seen since American Hi-Fi’s self-titled debut or with the type of California punk that Goldfinger helped to popularize.

The band consists of Ryan George (vocals), Drew 17 (guitar), Max Humphrey (bass) and Nathanael Keefer (drums). The Adored also takes its influence from British punk, even recording a couple of songs with Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks on its self-titled EP last year. The band goes the light punk route to create a feel-good album full of pop melodies and no worries.

There is a care-free mood that permeates throughout the entire album. “Tell Me Tell Me” sets the atmosphere with its easy-on-the-ears chords and drum beats. However, 40 minutes will pass before you realize that there are actually thirteen other tracks on the album. Many of the songs sound eerily repetitive, despite some slight digressions with its ska-like “The Queen’s Head” or its strong britpop-like “Ethical Drug.” There isn’t much variety except for “Hold-Up,” which gives The Adored its only real punk sounding song — and that’s more California than New York punk. But what the band does well is recreate the west coast beach spirit.

More often than not, fans want to sing along with the music, which The Adored makes very easy with chant-along tunes like “Chemistry” and “We Don’t Want You Around.” Although chanting along with all of the songs is possible with their many catchy lyrics. The real question is how will you be able to listen to the CD player while listening to the crashing ocean waves.

The Adored

[photo via Big Yawn]

The Adored

[photo via ITB]

Track list:

    1. Tell Me Tell Me
    2. Savage Youth
    3. The Queen’s Head
    4. Ethical Head
    5. We Don’t Want You Around
    6. The Window
    7. Could It Be?
    8. Weak Spots
    9. New Language
    10. Hold-Up!
    11. Less I Know
    12. Not Having It
    13. Chemistry
    14. Young Again

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