Longest day ever

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Haven’t slept yet… studied+wrote speech for the whole night, then meet with partners to make a lesson plan. Then went to post office, then PG&E. Went home practiced speech, went to class, failed speech. Skipped npb skipped swimming, going to CMN class right after this post, have to then study and skip ARE tonite. oO this morning as I was writing I scratched my head and literally a bunch of hair fell down onto my keyboard. And as I was studying in this computer room just now I feel asleep. oO I am owned…

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  1. Oh poor Blub. Not to worry, darling. Soon you will crash and be fast asleep. Then tomorrow we will all fail the NPB midterm which will bring the curve down so that we all get Cs! Then we will ace the final and get As in the class. So you see Blub, all is not lost and soon you too will be free to dance the summer’s dance. 🙂

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