blub’s fat day

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Well so I went to school today wearing really tight shirt. Tight not as in “cool” or “awesome” shirt but tight as in small and “very clingy to my fat” kind of shirt. And it seems like it attracts attention for some reason. I mean shouldn’t small be more unnoticable especially since I’m still fully covered? haha maybe they can see that glob of fat sticking out of the side of my shirt.

Anyways I did my speech on the male locker room and my teacher thought it was a bit inappropiate since I mentioned boners being very awkward in the locker room. I then proceeded to sleep 45 mins after that speech, but then I noticed that I was sleep mumbling and the NPB professor had noticed that I was sleeping in the third row today.  Mm then nothing unusual happened and now i’m in the library “studying” haha… what a joke.

 Oh ya I saw a statistic my CMN professor showed us. People in that were never in a relationship by the time they graduate college will most likely never be in one. Only 15-20% of those will actually create a happy/healthy relationship and the rest will either live alone their lives and take refuge in the love of their pets, or they will be driven to create desperate relationships that end in disaster. oO well… it might be a bit exaggerated because y’know she is a CMN professor and tends to filter things. But i thought it’d be an interesting tidbit of info for this site.

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  1. you guys better hurry. tan the man, you have only a month till you graduate!

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