The Quarter Is Coming To An End

If I had a hand that only had three fingers on it, then I would be able to count the number of weeks left in the quarter with that hand. What I used to see as a light at the end of a long tunnel has instead become a quicksand trap. Not including finals week, there are two weeks left, and that means that I have papers up the ass to write. Five papers in two weeks. Seems managable if you didn’t have the low attention span that I do. Grrr.

BTW: I just posted some new pictures to our Flickr page. Check it out at There are some more pictures from old winter pictures, our trip to Lake Solano and WonderCon 2006 with the cast of The Hills Have Eyes (2006), Brandon Routh, Bryan Singer and J.J. Abrams.

I’m currently listening to Neil Finn’s “Loose Tongue” on Apple’s iTunes <-- rlyconfused's favorite program in the whole wide world!

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