Day Trip To Lake Tahoe

Today is Ted and my relaxation day. Spending 5-6 hours in a car isn’t the nicest thing to do to one’s body. The trip was fun, but for some reason I think we spent most of the time in the car. We took a quick side trip to Carson City, Nevada where I took advantage of the best sale ever… Eight packs of Winterfresh sugarfree gum for 25 cents each! Oh my! There were more packs of gum, but I didn’t want to be greedy, but in hindsight, I should have taken them all!

Blub and I did a little gambling detour at one of Tahoe’s casinos. I made $25 in blackjack profit. We wrestled in the snow with rlyconfused and our friend Wendy took pictures of us acting like goofballs. Will post pictures when rlyconfused sends them to me. Right now, Blub and I are fighting off soon-to-be colds. Our throats are sore, and I’m fighting it with zinc and chocolate chip cookies. Need more pictures to show… I know most people are too lazy to click on our Flickr page.

Here are some pictures of our trip to Wondercon 2006 in San Francisco, CA.

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