The Key To Talking To A Girl

It came to me today… the key to talking to a girl. It’s so easy that I’m surprising I haven’t thought of it sooner. When a girl usually makes eye contact with me, I turn away. My friend told me to just stare right back at them. I did that but it didn’t work, as she just freaked. Now… I will wink at them. This would be my first move, enabling the girl to make her move, if she wishes to make one. This way, my move is bold enough to be a move, yet subtle to make me feel as if I am actually trying. I can have my cake and eat it too!

I must practice of the winking…

3 Replies to “The Key To Talking To A Girl”

  1. no, only wink when she smiles at u first. if u wink first, she’s gonna turn away. let her smile first, that way u know she thinks ur cute and is interested. get it?

  2. if she does that, and u catch her looking at u, do u guys make eye contact? and does she then try to look away? cuz if that’s the case, yeh she’s interested.

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